About Glycerol Oil

gray can of glycerol oil non-toxic pest control

Non-Toxic Pest Control

  • Made organic and is gentle and non-toxic
  • Will never freeze
  • Hydrating and helps control skin disease
  • Great for injuries
  • Lessens bruising and encourages cell tissues to repair themselves
  • Please do not use diesel oil in your Rol-Oyl Oilers

Why is Glycerol Oil Important to Cows?

It has amazing healing properties. Not only does Rol-Oyl Glycerol oil help control skin disease and dry skin, it’s also wonderful for injuries.

Lessens bruising and encourages tissues and cells to repair themselves.

Properties of Glycerol Oil

Glycerol Oil is a humectant or has water-drawing properties and is also hygroscopic and non-toxic in nature. Being a humectant, it attracts moisture from the atmosphere into the skin and keeps the skin moisturized and nourished. The properties of Glycerol Oil also help skin cells through its four important stages of maturity. It is also known to be the most versatile ingredient as it does not lose its chemical stability when mixed with other substances. It is also being said that Glycerol Oil may have some contribution toward cell metabolism.

Rol-Oyl Oil is well-known for the innumerable benefits that it has as regards dry skin care. The humectant and hygroscopic properties make it the best product that can be used for dry skin care and dry skin care problems. It improves and protects dry skin by filling up the intercellular matrix and also helps in building an even skin structure. It attracts just the right amount of moisture required to hydrate dry skin. Rol-Oyl Oil is really gentle and has no side effects when used on the skin. It is also used as a cure for dry skin-related problems like psoriasis and eczema. It can be used in its pure form, but in limited quantities. It can be used directly on the skin as a moisturizer.