Insect Control

Flies, lice, mosquitoes and ticks – are they a problem for your livestock? We have the solution for you, Rol-Oyl livestock oilers!

Easy to use and don’t need gas or power to run

Rolling strong for over 50 years and more to come.

Each animal may lose up to 40 pounds of blood due to uncontrollable pests each season.

Rol-Oyl Livestock Oilers are gentle, non-toxic, and is widely used in everyday products – cosmetics, foods, and medications, to name a few.

Rol-Oyl Livestock Oilers are proudly produced in the USA!

Fill your oiler with glycerol and let it work for you!

Ready to keep your livestock healthy and happy?

Livestock oilers are made for all sizes of livestock—cattle, buffalo, hogs, and goats—to name a few. Give us a call for unit prices on all Rol-Oyl products today!