Rol-Oyl Brahma with Brush


Ready to keep your livestock healthy and happy?

Livestock oilers are made for all sizes of livestock—cattle, buffalo, hogs, and goats—just to name a few! Give us a call for unit prices on all Rol-Oyl products today!

Replacement Livestock Lotion

Glycerol Livestock Lotion

(Per Gallon)

Glycerol Livestock Lotion

 (Per Gallon in 250 Gal. Totes)

Brahma Replacement Parts

Rol-Oyl Brahma


Rol-Oyl Cylinder


Brahma, Complete Frame


Rol-Oyl Brush, only fits Brahma


Brahma, Left or Right Runner


Brahma, Legs (2 Required)


Brahma Tie Bar


Brahma Anti-Tip Bar


Brahma Name Plate Bar


General Replacement Parts & Tools

Top Bearing Housing


Bottom Bearing Housing


F16-32 Bearings


Compression Band (Galvanized Steel)


Plastic Band


Upper End Plate (Complete)


Lower End Plate


Ratchet Pin


Ratchet Spring


1/4 Inch Grade 8 Bolts


Oil Pump


Top End Plate


Plastic Plug




Rol-Oyl Caps


1/2 Inch Pipe Caps